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Phil Mollon is a Diplomate in Comprehensive Energy Psychology and a Certification Consultant and EFT teacher for the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. Some of the key principles of his work are derived from his training in Thought Field Therapy. Dr Mollon has also trained in many other energy psychology approaches, including EFT, Seemorg Matrix/Advanced Integrative Therapy, Healing from the Body Level Up, Ask and Receive, and Tapas Acupressure Technique - and he has been a certified teacher of TAT. He is also qualified in EMDR and has studied the REMAP eye movement and acupressure procedure developed by Steve Reed. From these background sources, Dr Mollon developed Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy - and from exploring deeper patterns of the energy system he developed Blue Diamond Healing. Dr Mollon is a past President of ACEP [The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology]

Building on the foundations of energy psychology, Phil Mollon has developed further approaches drawing upon the higher dimensional resources identified in the work of materials scientist, Professor William Tiller. This open-ended enquiry is currently termed 'Blue Diamond Healing'. It reflects a more general trend within the energy psychology field to move from an original focus on acupoint tapping to a greater additional emphasis upon intention, altered states, and higher dimensional resources.

In background, Dr Mollon is a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and clinical psychologist. He qualified in clinical psychology at Leeds University in 1976, in psychotherapy at the Tavistock Clinic in 1985, and in psychoanalysis in 1998 [London Institute & IPA]. His PhD, obtained in 1989, from a joint arrangement between the Tavistock Clinic and Brunel University was a psychoanalytic study of disturbances in the sense of self, including the sense of shame. He has written numerous books on various aspects of psychotherapy, including trauma, shame, dissociation - and more recently on energy psychology approaches.For 37 years he worked full time in the British National Health Service, but is now in private practice.

Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy [PEP] is Dr. Mollon's particular development, combining the insights of the psychoanalytic tradition with an understanding of how emotional distress and dysfunctional patterns are encoded in the body-mind-energy system. Psychoanalytic listening helps elicit the target themes of psychodynamic conflict and trauma - and then the client is guided to use simple procedures to stimulate the energy system in order to clear the deep structures that generate and maintain the problem. The work is subtle and complex since there are many layers in both psyche and the energy system.

A more recent development is Blue Diamond Healing, an exploration of deeper transpersonal and trans-dimensional aspects of energy psychotherapy.

In relation to energy psychology work, and PEP, Dr Mollon adheres to the code of ethics of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology:

Please be aware that Phil Mollon is not a medical doctor.

Books by Phil Mollon:

  • The Fragile Self. The Stucture of Narcissistic Disturbance. [Whurr. 1993]
  • Multiple Voices, Multiple Selves. Working with Trauma, Violation, and Dissociation. [Wiley. 1996]
  • Remembering Trauma. A Psychotherapist's Guide to Memory and Illusion [Wiley 1998]
  • Freud and False Memory Syndrome. [Icon. 2000]
  • The Unconscious. [Icon 2001]
  • Releasing the Self. The Healing Legacy of Heinz Kohut. [Whurr. 2001]
  • Remembering Trauma. 2nd Edition. [Whurr. 2002]
  • Shame and Jealousy. The Hidden Turmoils. [Karnac, 2002]
  • EMDR and the Energy Therapies. Psychoanalytic Perspectives. [Karnac. 2005]
  • Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy: Inspired by Thought Field Therapy, EFT, TAT, and Seemorg Matrix. [Karnac 2008]
  • The Disintegrating Self: Psychotherapy with Adult ADHD,Autistic Spectrum, and Somato-psychic conditions. [Karnac 2015]
  • Pathologies of the Self: Exploring Narcissistic and Borderline States of Mind. [Confer 2020]
  • Blue Diamond Healing: Exploring Transpersonal and Trans-Dimensional Aspects of Energy Psychotherapy [In press]

All these can be obtained from or from [Just type 'Phil Mollon' into the author search field - or click here] .

For a longer list of articles and books published by Phil Mollon, click here

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