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Phil Mollon is based in

Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire SG6 3PN [UK].

Sessions also now available in London on Thursdays W1G 6AZ

He is a psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and clinical psychologist - but since the year 2000, his work has been devoted to exploring 'energy psychology', integrating this with psychoanalysis, and this is now his preferred mode of work. 

If you feel you might benefit from the use of Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy - or from other energy based methods, such as Thought Field Therapy - you may send an e mail via the 'Contact' page.

If you are seeking help for a psychological problem, please ensure you are aware of the government's official guidance - the NICE guidelines. These commonly recommend CBT for most conditions. Although my work is informed by many different approaches, and 37 years of work in the NHS (until my retirement), I choose not provide pure CBT. If you are seeking essentially cognitive behaviour therapy, it may be best for you to look elsewhere. I prefer to work with those who actively choose psychoanalytic therapy or energy psychotherapy. 

It is sometimes possible to work via the telephone, or videolink (e.g. Skype or Zoom) - but this is not suitable for all clients.

If you would like to train in PEP, you are welcome to leave me a message through the 'Contact' page.


Garden City


Letchworth was the first Garden City - founded 1903

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