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If you are feeling suicidal …

Although this page is not directly concerned with energy psychology, I have written a few lines to give hope, or pause for further reflection, to those who may feel in the depths of despair – particularly during the night when many may search online.

I know, from my own experience, how it is to feel suicidal – to feel that it is unbearable to continue with life – when each minute of life feels like an agony – when all hope is gone – and trust and love are shattered.

In this state of mind, you may feel that ending your life is the obvious and only solution to the anguish that you feel. This is because, in a state of severe depression and despair, a person’s consciousness becomes narrowed. There is no thought of other possibilities. The consequences for others are not considered. It is a state of mental illness – driven by emotional pain - but the person in this state may not realise he or she is ill.

Here are some of the reasons you may become suicidal:

  • You have been overwhelmed with emotional pain – it has all been too much to bear
  • You have felt abandoned and rejected – particularly by someone crucially important to you, someone you have trusted
  • You have felt overwhelmed with shame – feeling you have no place in the world
  • You feel you have failed in all that you have tried to achieve
  • You are facing financial problems that seem without solution
  • Life has lost all pleasure and meaning – and just feels burdensome - there is no colour left
  • You are overwhelmed with physical pain and suffering
  • You feel there is no kindness left in the world
  • You feel unlovable – perhaps defective and a failure as a human being
  • You feel overwhelmed with rage – against the world, life, and whatever has given rise to the world.
  • You have succumbed to a state of severe depression, not realising that you are ill. Through the lens of severe depression, suicide may appear rational – but your perception is distorted.

One common feature of the severely depressed and suicidal state of mind is a feeling that previous states of feeling well were delusional – and that the depressed and despairing state is the reality. This can feel true but it is not true.

For almost everyone who feels suicidal (and does not actually die), this is a temporary, albeit very dangerous, state. Given time – sometimes even just a short time – you will feel better. A small event – such as a kind gesture from a stranger – may suddenly shift your mood in a more positive direction.

Here are some points that may help:

  • Please give yourself time. Remember that recovery from severe depression does take time. The winter will give way to spring.
  • A state of severe depression is often one in which a person’s mind cannot digest what is troubling them. You have had an experience that is toxic – you are suffering mental indigestion!
  • Write your thoughts and feelings – this helps you gain some distance from your immediate state of mind, and enables you to ‘digest’ your experience.
  • Try not to condemn yourself for feeling depressed and despairing. It is a natural human response to events and circumstances - a sign of needing to stop and be kind to yourself and allow healing.
  • Ask for help. I know it is difficult – especially for men. Talk to someone – perhaps the Samaritans
  • 08457 90 90 90

  • Seek help from your GP or your local mental health service. Medication is often helpful. Consider counselling or psychotherapy - a chance to talk things through in depth and gain greater understanding, as well as support from another human being, may be what you need.
  • Seek help with financial problems. The Citizens' Advice Bureau are often invaluable:

  • Look in a bookshop. There are many wonderful books offering help, wisdom, and inspiration. Try the ‘mind body spirit’ section for books that will raise your energy vibrational level. Some people find Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now helpful - it has a very high frequency.
  • Try to think of something in your life that you can feel grateful for – this too can help lift your vibrational level.
  • Perhaps there is something you can do for others? This too will lift your energy frequency.
  • Even if you are in the depths of despair, try to be open to the possibility of something better coming your way – a new opportunity – a new friend – a new experience. Being at least a little bit open in this way will also raise your frequency.
  • When you are severely depressed and suicidal, your energy frequency has dropped – and your energy has spiralled into reverse, drawing you into an emotional and energetic ‘black hole’. It happens. It has happened to me at times. You can recover. You can heal. Sometimes we just need a helping hand.
  • Some may find this music helpful (Joe DePalma): click
  • There may be something of help on this page - try any exercise that appeals to you: click
  • Be open to help – from your GP – from your mental health specialist – from a passing stranger – from a friend – or from the most unlikely source – be open to surprise! 

I am grateful to those who have helped me, in different ways, at different times, along the path. 

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