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Some relevant links,

including to people

and organisations

that have contributed

to my own training in

energy psychology methods.

For articles, please scroll down. [Dr. Callahan's website]

[British Thought Field Therapy Association] [Tapas Acupressure Technique]

[Seemorg Matrix - now renamed Advanded Integrative Therapy] [Robin Ellis, who first introduced me to TFT]

[Sandi Radomski's site for her pioneering work on reducing allergies

and sensitivities] [Judith Swack's Healing from the Body Level Up] [Emotional Freedom Techniques] [The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology] [The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies (UK based)]

[Dr David Feinstein's research page] [Dr David Feinstein's website for training materials]

[Report of a large scale study of energy psychology] [Sandra Hillawi, who first taught me EFT] [Dr Shoshana Garfield Ph.D] [Rupert Sheldrake and others, observing the self-styled 'skeptics']

Here are some of my articles relating to energy psychology:


Introduction to PEP.doc (DOC — 38 KB)

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