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Energy psychology and higher dimensional healing[1].

[see footnotes for further clarifications]

One of the remarkable features of most energy psychology procedures is that they elegantly and efficiently combine attention to several levels or dimensions [2] simultaneously. Tapping on sequences of meridians, whilst an emotional thought field is activated, combines cognitive, sensory, emotional, and higher energetic dimensions, in one simple action. Thought, emotion, the physical body, and the energy system are all activated. By contrast, most non-energy psychotherapies engage only thought and emotion. This may be why psychological therapies in general are only modestly effective, compared to energy psychological approaches.

Energy psychologists are familiar with the use of meridians and chakras as a means of clearing or smoothing perturbations, with the result that physical or mental distress subsides. Their full significance may, however, sometimes be overlooked. We may perhaps view the energy centres on the physical body as gateways, or quasi ‘star gates’, to the subtle energy system and higher dimensional aspects of our bio-energy-mind anatomy. These places on the physical body have distinct characteristics, of sensitivity, electrical qualities [3], and effects on the brain and body when stimulated – and the evidence from their use within energy psychology is that they contain or mediate complex information, governing patterns within the mind, emotions, and the physical body. They also function as windows to the higher energy system and as conduits for a downloading and outpouring of information not easily accessed when working solely with the mind.

Mapping dimensional levels and their interrelationships

In order to think about different dimensional levels, it is helpful to have a map or model. I suspect there may be many different models or maps that would work, and each practitioner may develop his or her own. It may be that all that is required is that it be essentially congruent with higher dimensional realities and also meaningful to the practitioner. My own perspectives are influenced by a body of rather complex material known as Kathara Healing, although I make no claim to understand it in full, nor evaluate its wider significance [4]. Within this system, we may postulate a series of dimensional realities, co-existing within the same ‘space’, albeit ‘invisible’ to each other. These multiple ‘Russian doll’ universes, based on different behaviours and directional spins of the fundamental particles of which they are made, are also separated by quasi magnetic repulsion zones [5]. In the realm that we are conscious of and can experience through our ordinary senses of touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound, and in our thoughts and emotions, there are the three dimensions of [1] the physical material world, [2] the world of our emotions, and [3] the world of our thoughts [6] [7] . It is immediately apparent that these three dimensions interact in our mind-body system. As cognitive therapists emphasise, our Dimension 3 thoughts (partly) determine our Dimension 2 emotions, which in turn are expressed in our Dimension 1 physiology – but processes at any of these three dimensions can influence those in the other two. Most forms of psychological therapy work essentially at Dimension 3, the mental level, hoping that this will influence Dimensions 2 and 3.[8] Traditional behaviour therapy (of the 1960s and 70s), based on systematic muscle relaxation as a means of desensitisation, addressed Dimension 1, the physiology of the physical body, with the intention of influencing the experienced emotions (anxiety) at Dimension 2 – it ignored Dimension 3, as irrelevant. Energy psychology methods target all three of these dimensions, as well as higher dimensions, simultaneously – to great effect.

It seems that if energetic processes are blocked within a dimension, these will manifest as a disturbance in the dimension below. Thus a person who does not think much [Dimension 3] may tend to be rather emotional in a ‘thought-less’ kind of way [Dimension 2] – and cognitive therapists often draw attention to this misuse of emotion in place of thought [9]. A person whose emotional expression is blocked may develop bodily manifestations of disturbance [Dimension 1]. Disturbances at Dimension 1 may, of course, lead to death and disintegration of the physical body – and thus the person passes out of dimensionalised existence. What appears to be necessary for health and wellbeing is a correct and organic flow of energy throughout the full dimensional body, closely analogous to healthy breathing.

However, what is of more interest is that the patterning or ‘design’ of what is manifest at a dimensional level appears to be determined, or at least partly determined, by the information held one dimension above. Thus, thoughts [Dimension 3] influence emotions [Dimension 2]. If we hold a belief that the world is a very dangerous place and it is never safe to relax, and continually generate thoughts along these lines, we will tend to feel anxious most of the time – and these emotions of fear will be manifest also at Dimension 1, resulting in feedback loops reinforcing the patterns at Dimensions 2 and 3. When we work with the energy system, or meridians and chakras, we find that we can rapidly influence the patterning at Dimensions 3, 2 & 1. This appears to be because the energy system operates from Dimension 4 (and above). If we try to help a person change their thinking by working directly at the level of thought (as cognitive therapists challenge a person’s reasoning and beliefs), this is hard work and rather slow and ineffective. By contrast, if we work with the energy system, the dysfunctional patterns of thought, emotion, and physiological disturbance collapse rapidly – often to the bewilderment of the person who experiences this. Thus it seems that the way to work easily and efficiently to heal a dimensional level is to address the dimension above where the problem is manifest.

Of course, illness or damage in the physical body does sometimes require intervention at the physical level – surgery, antibiotics, or plaster cast for a broken leg. By analogy, we might compare a problem of a ‘design fault’ [a higher dimensional level], with the problem of an object being broken [a fault at the manifest level, requiring repair at that level]. Similarly, although emotions may be partly determined by informational patterning at the dimension above [Dimension 3], talking and expressing emotion at its own level may be important at times.

Meridians, chakras, and dimensional levels

If we postulate that the meridian energy system is based at Dimension 4, providing a blueprint for what is experienced at levels below this, there is then reason to assume that there may be further dimensional levels, which in turn affect the patterning in the meridians. This indeed seems to be the case – and becomes particularly relevant when the meridians do not seem to clear of the perturbing information in the way normally expected (even when the usual checks and procedures for psychological reversals and energy toxins have been applied). We might then find we are up against a parasitic energy formation of some kind, which may exist at one of a number of higher dimensions. Some are low grade parasitic formations, whilst others are characterised by considerable power and intelligence. In each case, the requirement is to work from a dimension above the one where the problem is manifest. So if the parasitic formation is at Dimension 11, it is necessary to work from Dimension 12 or above. Similar considerations apply in relation to miasms and other extensive malformations in the energy fields themselves. Such malformations are analogous to warpings in a computer’s basic operating system, which impacts negatively on all programmes used on the computer.

The Kathara material postulates 15 dimensions, distinguished by frequency, angle of particle spin, and density – and I have found this to be a useful map. Within this model, the higher dimensions link directly and ultimately back to Source, the primal light and sound fields that give rise to our worlds. Within this system, if we have access to the higher dimensions of our own being and that of our client, we have potentially the information and tools to address most problems in a helpful way. Of course, the pathways of access to these higher dimensions may be dormant, blocked, or damaged [10]. Fortunately, another person (who may be the therapist), who has developed access to the higher energetic dimensions, can entrain the client’s system to these informational frequencies to bring about restorative work that he or she may be unable to access alone.

How do the meridians and chakras interface with the higher dimensions? This is not fully clear to me [11]. Although it is convenient to think of the meridians as primarily situated at Dimension 4, my impression is that they also have some lesser connections to all the higher dimensions. The chakra system and aura/biofield are deeper than the meridians, (perhaps Dimension 5, but seeming to act as stargates to all the dimensional levels) with another even deeper system of basic vertical energy-information flow lines running up and down the body (Dimension 6, I hypothesise), the multiple dimensions of the energetic anatomy being patterned on basic crystalline gridlike structures [12]. Each chakra has a primary association with a particular dimension. There are the familiar 7 embodied chakras, located at (and visible clairvoyantly) at the base of the spine (root, chakra 1), abdomen (sacral, chakra 2), under the rib cage (solar plexus, chakra 3), centre of chest (heart, chakra 4), throat (chakra 5), forehead (third eye, chakra 6), top of head (crown, chakra 7). In addition, there are two higher chakras (8 & 9) crossing each other as they pass through the centre of the brain (pineal gland). There are a further 6 non-embodied higher dimensional chakras that can be pictured at various locations in relation to the physical body and the earth. These are part of our non-physical energetic anatomy.

Meridians and, even more so, the chakras, function as gateways or ‘stargates’ to higher dimensions. If we tap on meridian points, we are activating Dimensions 1, 2, 3 & 4. However, by holding chakra centres, we can activate up to 9 dimensions, since these are all accessible through the body surface. For the higher dimensions, and chakras above 9, we have to rely upon thought, intention, and visualisation – and we can also use the breath to move energy. Thought itself has substance and power – crystalline structures of energy. ‘Thought fields’ form the basis of dysfunctional patterns in our energy systems, which permeate down through Dimensions 3, 2 & 1. However, and fortunately, since our own bio-energetic systems are ultimately connected to the primal energy fields and infinite intelligence of Source, we can use thought and intention to bring about corrective energetic shifts, which in turn impact on the physical. We do not need to understand and direct all the separate details of the process, any more than we need to understand muscles and their physiology in order to move an arm. Physicist William Tiller’s work [13] shows conclusively that the human mind and intention can have a definite measurable effect on external objects. This effect is relatively weak, but experience suggests that this becomes strong if harnessed to Source – if the intention is congruent with the values of Love and Truth that characterise Source.

Colour codings can be used to represent the different dimensional levels. For example, pale silver can be used to represent a combination of D11 (silver black) and D12 (white). Since D12 is the highest level within the matter-based dimensions (matter at various density levels), this can be useful as a means of either placing a procedure under the ‘governance’ of the higher dimensions that contain the original imprint for health, or running these frequencies to correct and recode lower dimensions. Sensory stimulation (of meridians and chakras), use of breath, imagery, colour, and intention, can all be combined.

Patterns in the morphogenetic template

Whilst the commonly used procedures of energy psychology, involving tapping on sequences of meridians and chakras, are extremely effective in removing states of distress, anxiety, and traumatic shock – perturbations within the system that underpin many common emotional, behavioural, and relational problems – the full coding of complex patterns that repeatedly manifest in the person’s life and behaviour may need to be removed from the more fundamental morphogenetic template. It is the ‘thought fields’ – the crystalline structures of energy – patterned from this form-holding template of life, which continually find expression in the events and experiences of a person’s life [14]. The popular idea that “you create your own reality”, promoted in numerous contemporary ‘new age’ media, as well as earlier in the ‘New Thought’ material from the beginning of the 20 century, contains considerable truth. However, without adequate understanding, it can take on a judgemental meaning, lacking compassion, or leading to increasing self-condemnation. Indeed, the tragic irony is that a naïve use of ‘The Secret’ and other ‘create your own reality’ notions may lead to precisely the opposite result from that intended (partly because of distortions in the energy fields, and partly because ‘pushing’ energy will create an opposite reaction). We cannot eliminate negative patterns from our lives by an act of will or choice – although such an act of choice can be fully effective if it is accompanied by energetic and dimensional procedures that do clear the dysfunctional patterns from the morphogenetic template. Most systems of self-improvement do not have the dimensional and procedural detail to enable this. Such details of energetic anatomy and procedure may not be fixed, but need to be viable, in the sense of [1] congruent with higher dimensional realities, and [2] meaningful to the practitioner. Most religions seem to contain elements of higher dimensional truth and its potential for healing, but these are often distorted and used for purposes of control. However, ‘handing the problem over to God’ and seeking guidance, is clearly helpful for those for whom this is meaningful.

Fortunately, removing patterns from the morphogenetic template, and then installing positive recoding, is easy – providing the following conditions are met:

  1. All relevant energy fields are activated
  2. All relevant resistances or attachments to the pattern are addressed and resolved
  3. A viable internal map or model is used, such that the full dimensional spectrum of the pattern and its energy are ‘intended’ or directed to a ‘place’ where there is complete absorption or neutralisation of the pattern and its energetic information
  4. Recoding of the morphogenetic template with positive patterns of health and success is requested or intended from a part of the energetic spectrum able to do this
  5. The practitioner is fully congruent with the healing intention, and is able, if necessary, to entrain the client’s system.

Before the more fundamental pattern is removed from the morphogenetic template, it is usually necessary to clear the distress and trauma that may have resulted from this pattern, as well as those that may have given rise to the pattern.

I currently favour two main ways of removing fundamental patterns: [1] using imagery, colour coding and internal eye movements to ‘send the pattern to the parallel world’, where it is neutralised; [2] returning the pattern to Source, using imagery and colour coding.

This account provides some hints, in schematic form, of how one might work with energy psychology principles within a wider dimensional framework. It may provide some preliminary and tentative mapping, within which various phenomena that are not of Dimensions 1 to 3 may be placed, without invoking concepts and connotations commonly construed as ‘religious’ or ‘spiritual’. It is assumed that all such phenomena and associated mapping are, in principle, open to scientific or empirical enquiry.  


[1] It is important to note that none of the following may be true. Some, or all of it, may be false. A disciplined and sincere adoption of this stance of agnostic exploration is, paradoxically, a key to success in this field.

[2] The Cambridge dictionary offers two definitions of ‘dimension’: [1] a measurement of something in a particular direction, especially length, height or width; [2] a part or feature or way of considering something. In the present discussion, ‘dimension’ is used to refer to realms that are in some way distinct in their energetic qualities, yet coexist within the same ‘space’, whilst being (partly) perceptually invisible to each other. In these terms, ‘lower’ dimensions appear more dense and solid, the ‘higher’ ones more ethereal. The higher seem characterised by a paradoxical combination of being ‘slower’, yet more expansive and transcending the familiar ‘dimensions’ of space and time. Thus these higher dimensional realms can be approached in states of meditation.

[3] Tiller et al. 2005 report experiments indicating that the acupuncture meridian system shows qualities of higher “EM gauge symmetry” such that they are effective receivers and transmitters of subtle energy – the latter being defined as “all those beyond the energy aspects of the accepted four fundamental forces” (page 142). Tiller, W.A., Dibble, W. E., & Fandel, J. G. 2005. Some Science Adventures with Real Magic. Pavior. Walnut Creek. CA

[4] The account given here is a distortion and simplification of the Kathara material. I refer to the latter only in order to indicate the inspiration behind the idiosyncratic energy map that I present. It is one that works for me – but each practitioner must find one that is viable for him or her. The Kathara Healing manual can be found at .

[5] A different, yet related, model is postulated by physicist William Tiller {2005, page 110]. He proposes the world to consist of “two uniquely different kinds of materials”, one relatively coarse “particulate, electric monopole”, constrained to speeds no greater than that of light – and another more fine “information wave … from magnetic monopole”, able to travel faster than the speed of light – with a “higher dimensional level substance, labelled deltrons”, able to move faster or slower than light, acting as a coupling agent between these realms. Human consciousness and intention, when coherent, can activate and generate these deltrons.

[6] The decreasing density in these first three dimensional levels is apparent. Thus, Dimension 1 is physical and solid; Dimension 2, our emotions, involves a combination of mental and physiological processes; Dimension 3, our non-emotional thoughts and capacity to reason are less dense, having more limited bodily concomitants, although still having substance as crystallisations (orderly formations) of energy.

[7] The ‘unconscious mind’, as referenced in psychoanalysis, would seem to combine aspects of Dimensions 1 & 2. However, we also experience messages or ‘leakage’ from higher dimensions, including 4 (astral), and 5 (archetypal). These areas tend to be emphasised more within Jungian psychology. Our dreams, and other altered states, may contain elements from several dimensions, both lower and higher.

[8] The more effective psychotherapies address more dimensional levels, including Dimension 2, the emotions (which are both mental and bodily). Good forms of psychoanalysis address Dimensions 2 & 3 (and sometimes Dimension 1). EMDR and other body-mind focussed therapies address Dimensions 1, 2 & 3 – and are thus particularly effective. Energy psychology methods address Dimensions 1, 2, 3 & 4.

[9] Some malign cults, of a religious, ‘new age’, political, or quasi-therapeutic nature may intentionally energise Dimension 2, so that it usurps Dimension 3. The correct ordering of Dimension 3 (mind and intellect) being above Dimension 2 (emotion) implies that emotion should be subordinate to thought. Energising D 2, whilst deactivating D3 can be dangerous.

[10] Such obstacles may include ancestral miasms, species-wide malformations in the morphogenetic template and the collective unconscious, as well as personal choices and actions that impair connection to Source.

[11] What we think of as meridians, chakras, and other parts of the body’s energy system appear to be conduits of energy flow, regulating tramsmission of information (as crystalline structures of energy) up and down the dimensions, as wells as within each dimension. It is hard for our minds to picture or formulate this – no doubt partly because our awareness is largely confined to Dimensions 1-3.

[12] There are many other aspects of the higher/deeper energy system, including particularly the Merkaba fields.

[13] Tiller, W.A., Dibble, W. E., & Fandel, J. G. 2005. Some Science Adventures with Real Magic. Pavior Publishing. Walnut Creek. CA. Dr Tiller concludes, on the basis of their experiments, that mass, energy, and consciousness and both connected and interchangeable.

[14] It is interesting to note that the DNA, as conventionally understood, is itself a kind of morphogenetic template – a form-holding field of information that plays a part in the ‘shaping’ of the physical body. We may postulate higher dimensional aspects organised around the physical DNA – and, just as there can be damage in the physical DNA, so there may be at these higher dimensional levels.

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