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Chris Milbank's

Reflective Repatterning

I recently had the pleasure of attending a five day training with Chris Milbank - and was so impressed and appreciative that I am placing this recomendation here. Chris has been deeply immersed in many modern therapeutic modalities, including Thought Field Therapy, Body Talk, and NLP. Having trained to the highest (VT) level within TFT, he has a full knowledge and understanding of that system, which he freely, fully, and skillfully shares during his training events. More recently, Chris has developed a new method, inspired by Tapas Acupressure Technique, that aims to clear the emotional charge more comprehensively from all aspects of any troubling psychological constellation.

One of his crucial insights is that seemingly positive feelings, thoughts, and states of mind also carry an emotional charge that tends to cause an attachment to, and a rebuilding of, the original problem. By clearing the charge from both sides of a cognitive-emotional constellation (e.g 'I fear failure' and 'I love failure', as well as, for example, 'I love success' and 'I hate success'), a more complete neutralisation of the problem is achieved. The more the emotional charge is cleared from these mind-body 'complexes' (to use an old Jungian term), the more free the person becomes to fulfil his or her potential. This is the basis of the method he calls Reflective Repatterning. In the workshop we also discovered how to play with a person's potentially troubling thoughts, making these more and more extreme, in both positive and negative directions, for more extensive resolution of the issue. We also noted that targeting thoughts and statements to do with identity ["I am ..."] provides the most potent basis for change.

Like many other contempory practitioners, Chris recognises that the body must be involved as well as the psyche for successful and efficient resolution of emotional problems. He uses the framework provided by John Grinder, that an emotional problem is expressed in four states of [1] brain wave, [2] breathing, [3] physiology, and [4] posture. Changing any one of these states will help to alter the person's experience and behaviour in relation to the target problem. In Thought Field Therapy and related methods, the body's meridian system is stimulated whilst the person activates the 'thought field', bringing about a radical shift in physiology that removes the original anxiety or distress. Attention to breathing patterns, which often play a significant role in maintaining states of anxiety, can be another important part of a holistic resolution of an emotional problem. Brain state and brain wave patterns can also be addressed. Chris combines methods from 'Body Talk', NLP, and Applied Kinesiology to bring about rapid improvements in brain state and hemispheric integration. The experiential effects of these are immediate and often striking.

It is the attention to many different levels and aspects of emotional problems that makes Chis Milbank's workshops different from many others. He is a man of great enthusiasm and passion - continually learning and exploring. His openness to new discoveries, and capacity to 'go with the flow' of the workshop dynamic, facilitates an experience full of creativity and synchronicity. 

You can find out more about Chris Milbank''s work at [click] and [click]

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