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Publications by Phil Mollon: books and articles

1979. Transforming anxiety. A rationale for verbal psychotherapy. New Forum. Winter/Spring 59-61.

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2008. Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy: inspired by Thought Field Therapy, EFT, TAT, and Seemorg Matrix. London. Karnac.

2008. [Book review] Treating the Basic Self, by Crayton Rowe. British Journal of Psychotherapy. 24 [3] 385-388

2008. The inherent shame of sexuality. In C. Pajaczkowska & I. Ward [Eds.] Shame and Sexuality: Psychoanalysis and Visual Culture. Hove. Routledge.

2009. The NICE guidelines are misleading, unscientific, and potentially impede good psychological care and help. Psychodynamic Practice. 15 [1] February 9-24

2009. [with Richard Reeves] The state regulation of psychotherapy. From self-regulation to self-mutilation? Attachment 3 [1] March 1-19

2010. Our rich heritage – are we building upon it or destroying it? Some malign influences of clinical psychology upon psychotherapy in the UK. Psychodynamic Practice. 16 [1] February 7-24

2013. A Kohutian perspective on the foreclosure of the Freudian transference in British technique. Psychoanalytic Inquiry.

2013. Client Safety. In D. Church & S. Marohn (Eds.) Clinical EFT Handbook, Volume 2. Fulton, CA: Energy Psychology Press.

2014. ‘Analysis terminable and interminable’ revisited. Psychoanalytic Inquiry

2015. The Disintegrating Self: Psychotherapy with adult ADHD and Autistic Spectrum. London: Karnac.

2016. Geronilla, L., Minewiser L., Mollon, P., McWilliams, M., & Clond, M. (2016). EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) remediates PTSD and psychological symptoms in veterans: A randomized controlled replication trial. Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 8(2), 29–41.

2019. Energy psychology for eating disorders, In P Virdi & A. Seubert (Eds.) A Trauma-informed Approach to Eating Disorders. Springer.

2020. Pathologies of the Self. London. Confer

2020. Why we are all mad – the problem of words! In R. Carroll & J Ryan (Eds.). What is Normal? London. Confer. 

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