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Some comments on

'The Healing Codes'

[as developed by Lloyd and Johnson]

After receiving a number of e mail adverts for The Healing Codes, developed by Alex Lloyd and Ben Johnson, I purchased their new book -The Healing Code [Intermedia Publishing. 2010]. I found this sufficiently interesting that I then purchased the cheapest version of their full Healing Codes system [digital version, costing $199], which consists basically of a manual [155 pages], some short videos that can be viewed online, and some recordings of coaching sessions accessible online.

The Healing Codes came to Alex Lloyd in response to prayer for help with his wife's depression. She had used every form of help available, and read every book that seemed relevant, with limited results. The Healing Codes cured her.

How is The Healing Codes different from other energy psychology approaches? First, it does not use the familiar meridian or chakra points, but four 'healing centers' around the head. These points are not touched, tapped, or held in any way. Instead the person's own fingers are used to beam subtle energy at the healing centers. This is done for 20 or 30 seconds (or more) at each point, in a specific sequence. There is a range of sequences that apply to different target problems, just as specific sequences are employed in Thought Field Therapy. However, the book [The Healing Code (note the singular)] provides one more universal code or sequence that seems to work well with most problems.

The book expands on the view that most forms of physical and mental health problems are the result of stress. The authors suggest that memories and images (of traumatic or stressful events) are stored in the energy informational fields of the cells of the body. They see the four healing centers as 'master control centers' for all the cells in the body. When the healing centers are switched back on, and the stress is removed from the body, then the body's natural healing capacities can resume optimum functioning. As the correct healing code is applied, positive healing frequencies are then generated that neutralise and replace the destructive frequencies. The authors present their work in the context of a view that energy medicine in general is the healthy future direction of the healing professions. There are many case studies and testimonials in the book.

So what is in The Healing Codes manual, as opposed to the book? The actual 'codes' are sets of hand positions in relation to the four healing centers.There are 12 pairs of codes, each pair addressing one of 12 'spiritual' issues that the authors consider underpin every physical and emotional problem. The Healing Codes categories are divided into two groups - those the authors see as 'inhibitors to healing' and those they see as the 'core healing virtues'. The inhibitors are; unforgiveness, harmful actions, and unhealthy beliefs. The core healing virtues include qualities such as joy, peace, patience, kindness, humility etc. For healing to take place, the inhibitors have to be removed from the 'heart' and the healing virtues must be installed.

A list of problems at the back of the manual will reveal which of the 12 categories is most relevant, whether it lies within one of the healing virtues or one of the inhibitors. One point I found slightly confusing is that the 9 healing virtues categories may themselves contain the inhibitors to healing, which are also the other 3 categories of codes (i.e. 3 of the categories are also subcategories of the other 9 categories). The other approach described is to work systematically through the 12 categories, to generate a comprehensive healing strategy.

In applying the codes, the task is first to identify a target problem - then to identify the strongest feelings associated with it - and then to locate the earliest or strongest memory of similar feelings and experiences. The next task is to identify a 'truth focus statement' - a spiritually true statement that counters the 'lie' that has held the problem in place. It is these truth statements that are focused on whilst doing the healing codes, not the problem itself. Before doing healing codes, a request or prayer is made, which expresses succinctly but comprehensively the intent for a complete healing of all aspects of the problem.

There is also the option of purchasing 'custom codes' from a Healing Codes practitioner. These (as far as I can discern) appear to be generated through muscle testing - rather in the way that practitioners of Thought Field Therapy and related approaches may work with a person by phone and self-test to derive meridian or chakra sequences relating to a particular target problem for that particular person.

I have begun incorporating aspects of Healing Codes into some of my work, with positive results. The approach interested me particularly since some time back it occurred to me one day to guide a client to use their own fingers as 'subtle energy lasers' that could be directed at chakras and parts of the brain - 'lasering' the brain from various angles. The use of the fingers in the Healing Codes seems a little like this. Although the four healing centers are not meridian or chakra centers, and the 12 categories of codes are also unique to the Healing Codes, there is much else that seems very familiar in other forms of energy psychology - such as the basic idea of energetic coding, relating to stress-generating information held in the body's subtle energy system, and the use of these codes to release this stress. The focus on both traumatic events and the beliefs that have arisen from them, and which hold them in place, seems also present in other energy psychology approaches and also in EMDR. However, I do like the emphasis upon the truth statements whilst doing the codes, rather than upon the problem.

The authors state that they are 'followers of Jesus', and they see their work as a ministry of sharing God's love and healing. They support a charity program for street kids in South America.

What is my overall impression of the Healing Codes so far? I feel it is an important new edition to the family of energy psychology approaches. There are certainly some original features and it is spiritually inspired. As with other approaches, I expect that for complex mental health problems it would need to be integrated within a broader approach. Do I have any reservations? Well ... perhaps it is the Yorkshire in me, but ... I do feel the material is a little pricey. There are also additional products that one is encouraged to purchase, such as something called The Q Codes, which are apparently a booster for the Healing Codes and dramatically increase their power - but they are an additional $349.95. If they are important, one might wonder why they are not included in the basic manual. Presumably this is how American commercialism works - but from a British perspective it feels wrong.

Phil Mollon has no commercial link or affiliation with The Healing Codes

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