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Blue Diamond Healing

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Beyond Meridians and Chakras: Blue Diamond Healing

[A handout for my presentation at the 2016 ACEP conference]

Evolution of the work: In the space of a couple of decades, Energy Psychology [EP] has evolved into a mature field, comprising [1] a history, [2] a significant research base, [3] a coherent set of theoretical and technical principles for working with the human energy system as it interfaces with the mind, [4] a wide variety of approaches and applications, and [5] an international professional organization [ACEP]. It has been found to combine congruently with other, more conventional, approaches to psychological care, coaching, and guidance. In general, EP approaches are helpful to some, and appeal to some, but not to all – this element of personal preference is important!

In my own work I have sought to combine EP with the understanding and skills arising from more traditional psychodynamics and psychotherapy [as outlined in my book Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy, and presented at ACEP conferences since 2005] – and this has proved fruitful. The very encouraging results of EP lead naturally to the hope of developing even better, faster, and deeper ways of relieving suffering and assisting people in reaching their potential. For some years I have looked for ways to facilitate the removal of dysfunctional patterns more completely from a person’s energy body and morphogenetic field – and to combine this with enablement of the psychological and spiritual maturation of the individual. I am grateful that in response to this intention, a variety of insights and techniques have come to me – almost always in the moment of working with a client, when I am in a somewhat altered state of consciousness. I have learned to adopt a stance of aiming to be ‘horizontally’ attuned to the client, and ‘vertically’ attuned to (what I think of as) Source – and to rely not on my own knowledge or personal thought, but on the guidance that emerges in the field and in the moment. Over time, these various insights and techniques have evolved into a more coherent framework of interwoven strategies and higher dimensional awareness – open ended and continually deepening. Frequently I am astonished at what happens in the consulting room.

In addition to the various approaches well-known within the field of energy psychology, other significant influences have included some years of studying an esoteric and complex body of intuitively derived material modelling the structure of the human energy body as a fractal of the cosmos – and the

forms and flows of subtle energy within it, enabling exploration of how these impact on states of health and disease (based on publications originally distributed by the now defunct Azurite Press). I cannot remember exactly how and why I began to use the imagery of the Blue Diamond – but it has formed an increasingly core component in certain stages of the work, as we move from the purely verbal discourse into the more active engagement with the energy system. In the beginning, to some extent, I just wanted to give the client something to focus on whilst we allowed their energy system space in which desirable changes could take place. Gradually, however, I came appreciate that the Blue Diamond, located just under the collar bones, appears to be an access point to the person’s higher dimensions – and that blue is a particularly important colour for that place.

There is a linguistic access code that I sometimes use for entry through the Blue Diamond (which can also turn into a Blue Flame), designed to neutralise the ‘illusory ego’. The three statements (to be said with sincerity) are: 1. I am ignorant and in error 2. I ask for forgiveness as I forgive 3. I seek truth and guidance

Once we have access to higher dimensions we can request, command, or intend beneficial changes within the energy body. Since the energy body is highly responsive to intention, these desired shifts will often instantly occur (within the energy body, not necessarily the physical body, although immediate physiological shifts are often experienced), provided [a] they are in line with higher dimensional goals and ethics, [b] there is no remaining internal objection (psychological reversal) in the person’s system.

This movement away from an exclusive reliance on ‘tapping’ and ‘holding’ techniques with meridians and chakras, and towards a greater emphasis upon intention and request (or command), is congruent with current trends in other forms of energy psychology and related healing methods. Whilst we can physically tap on chakras and meridians, if we wish to influence realms more distant from the physical, we need to use intention and command or some form of altered consciousness.

An awareness of the ‘Parallel Self’ (presented at the ACEP conference 2015) and its intricate relationship with the ‘Present Self’ has become a core feature of the work, recognising that problems can be located in either of these realms – and sometimes ‘between’ them. 

I have found attention to the spinning Merkaba fields, of both Present and Parallel Self, is very important. These counter-rotating fields can ‘spin the wrong way’ or be phase-locked – sometimes due to the presence of parasitic energy formations. Incorrectly spinning Merkaba fields often underpin other systemic energy disturbances. We can also enhance the spinning Merkaba fields for a more complete clearing of the energy field – counterclockwise into the earth, and clockwise from above to bring in the ‘rainbow shower’. There appears to be a variety of subtle energies and energetic structures that form the human vehicle – with the physical (atomic) being patterned on an etheric blueprint. Thus there are energies of structure and energies that flow through these structures. Clients undertaking energy work will often report feeling ‘light headed’ or ‘spacey’ – and this may reflect a temporary excess of etheric energy, which we can then balance with ‘atomic’ energy.

Just as our physical dimensions are full of life, so the higher dimensions and etheric dimensions may also contain life forms – some of which can exert a hidden but very detrimental effect on our own human system. Identifying and removing ‘parasitic energies’ and other malign energetic formations can be a routine aspect of energy psychology and energy healing, and need not involve any prolonged or elaborate process.

Advanced PEP/Blue Diamond Healing may be regarded as an enquiry into the deeper energetic unconscious, drawing upon the esoteric ‘physics’ of the higher dimensions. Just as the unconscious mind will always successfully transcend the intentions of the conscious mind, so the malformations in the deeper energetic unconscious will also determine and constrain outcome. There are pervasive and fundamental distortions in the human energy field. This reveals an inherent paranoia structured into our human being, since the inner structural oppression and energetic suffocation are projectively experienced as external.

Advanced PEP/Blue Diamond Healing should be viewed as a speculative exploration of the clinical and spiritual value of certain hypotheses, models, and modes of enquiry – and, as such, is continually evolving. Requirements of participants: [1] some knowledge of basic EP phenomena; [2] a willingness to explore speculative and intuitively-derived hypotheses; [3] some intuitive awareness of spiritual dimensions.

Topics to explore: The basic 12-point energetic grid Meridians, chakras, and axiatonal lines and their directional spins. Different states of chakras – too slow/stopped, too fast, burning out, etc. The etheric blueprint, and the interplay of ‘atomic’ and etheric energies The spinning Merkaba fields – the inflow and outflow of energy breathing. Malfunctions of the Merkaba fields – reversal of spin, reversal of speed differentials, phase-lock, and Merkabic collapse Anchoring the high dimensions into the earth – establishing energetic protective boundaries The blue diamond (blue flame) access point to higher dimensions – and the linguistic access code. The ‘still point’ and the ‘open eye’ Removing the ‘black miasm’ that blocks higher dimensional awareness Removing ‘errant coding’ – the deep patterning of dysfunctional structures that distort and constrain the energy body, narrows awareness, and creates ‘blinkered’ states. Replacing this with ‘organic code’. Removing the ‘Adam and Eve coding’ (of being an outcast and having no home) and other common schemas of misery – along with the common compensatory strategies developed in reaction to these schemas Identifying the predator mindset and the grandiose ego. ‘Black magic’ versus Source-based energy healing.

There are no protocols! However, I will describe and show some of the ways that I currently work. It is for each to find their own way. 


The Blue Diamond point is between 6 and 7 in the centre

Fractals within fractals


Qualities coded in the 12 signets (tentative outline): 1. Basic security on the earth – availability of life-sustaining air, food, and water 2. Basic security with parents – the mother-father template 3. Finding life, friendship, and love with others 4. Sexuality 5. Being a centre of initiative 6. Connecting and bonding with higher dimensions 7. Receiving information and guidance from higher dimensions 8. Expressing higher dimensions in words and actions 9. Hearing the word of God/Source/Spirit 10. Understanding the word of God/Source/Spirit 11. Seeing with higher dimensional vision 12. Embracing a higher dimensional identity

Errant coding in the 12 point grid

• Most forms of emotional and energetic perturbation are not encoded in the 12 point grid. They express ordinary stress, distress, and the psychodynamics of the mind.

• These forms of distress and psychodynamic conflict can be addressed through work with meridians and chakras (and talking!)

• Errant coding in the 12 point grid is a more fundamental template structuring recurrent dysfunctional patterns in the person’s mind, behaviour, and life patterns. At this level, these dysfunctional patterns are not motivated

• Errant coding concerns fundamental beliefs and prohibitions – analogous to basic restrictions or errors built into a computer’s operating system (thereby affecting all programmes run on the computer)

• Errant coding in signets 1-4 create dysfunctional experience in relation to feeling at home on the earth, relationships with others, and sexuality.

• Errant coding in signet 5 creates problems in relation to autonomy and shame

• Higher levels errant coding create prohibitions or distortions in relation to spirituality and the higher dimensional perception

Core assumptions:

• Each person is a multidimensional being, with a complex energetic anatomy

• The physical body is just the lowest and most dense level

• At the highest level we are all connected to the Primal Source – but we retain our individual identity as beings within a time matrix

• Everything is connected to everything through a high dimensional crystal line lattice

• The world is built on innumerable fractals of this lattice – the basic structure being a 12 point grid

• We experience problems and suffering because [a] our biospiritual energetic anatomy has been damaged or distorted, [b] errant coding (resulting from traumatic experiences and/or destructive memes) causes us to malfunction, and [c] our minds and energy systems can be interfered with by other dimensional beings

• Onto these basic causes (a, b, and c) is built our psychodynamics – the realm typically addressed in psychotherapy

• Within certain (unknown) limits, it is possible to heal these problem – to reset our biospiritual system to its original organic template

• At the relative surface, we can clear perturbations expressed in the meridians and chakras

• For problems encoded in the deeper structures we have to make use of higher dimensional intention and command

• Each practitioner must find their own connection and relationship with the higher dimensions

• No practitioner or teacher has access to all higher dimensional information – all perspectives are partial – all of us are ignorant

Blue Diamond Healing – suggested protocol

Blue Diamond Healing rests upon a set of assumptions and hypotheses concerning levels of consciousness existing between the physical body (and physical world) and the highest levels at God-Source. Rather than a religious idea of a ‘natural’ and a ‘supernatural’ world, or of a separation between humanity and a ‘creator God’, this perspective presents a kind of esoteric physics that recognizes a continuity between the spiritual and the physical.

The account here is succinct and schematic, in order to facilitate practical use and exploration of the map and the techniques.


1. It is proposed that a fundamental fractal of the universe is a 12 point grid (not to be confused with the similar looking 10 point Kabbalah). In this theoretical framework, the 12 point grid occurs at every level, from the tiniest subatomic to the vast and galactic. They form a web-like structure throughout the universe – and are the templates onto which the incarnating energies, particles, and structures organise.

2. Although there a many 12 point grids throughout the human body, there is one large embodied grid that more or less fits the body – with its first signet (sphere) just below the feet and the 12th signet just above the head. At the centre of the grid (see diagram) – between signets 6 and 7 – is the Blue Diamond. This may be considered an access point to a person's higher dimensions.

3. Each signet also

corresponds to a particular dimension – meaning a particular frequency band. The physical world, as we normally experience it, is made up of the first three dimensions. It is proposed that there are 12 frequency bands, or dimensions, within our space-time universe – but an additional three higher frequency bands that are outside space and time – and also further higher domains that add even more complexity. The 15 dimensions may be pictured as 'russian doll' worlds or layers, but they also may be considered to exist within the same space. All visual representations or analogies break down if taken too literally.

4. Dimensions above 3 are responsive to consciousness, intention, and command.

5. An additional hypothesis is that our manifest world, and our manifest self, have a hidden counterpart – a parallel self in a parallel world.

6. One further assumption is that of spinning fields of energy around the body – merkaba fields. These are not quite the same at the more common idea of the biofield. The merkabas are two counter-rotating fields of energy – one reaching down like a triangle (or inverted funnel shape) from high above to down over the upper two thirds of the body – and the other reaching up like an inverted triangle (or upright funnel) from earth's core up over the lower two thirds of the body. The top merkaba spins clockwise, and somewhat faster than the lower merkaba that spins counter-clockwise. In the parallel self, these directions and speeds of spin are reversed.

7. Consciousness is not viewed as a rare biproduct of the evolution of the human brain, but is seen as inherent in the entire universe (albeit in different forms and levels).

None of these assumptions are currently testable. Nor have I succeeded in satisfactorily relating this dimensional framework and the 12 point grid to conventional physics. However, these postulates do appear helpful clinically and provide a framework for energy testing – and thus are open to some degree of indirect empirical enquiry.

Application to energy psychotherapy and healing

A brief energy check (muscle test) of the state of the merkabas – the spin directions of top and bottom, in the manifest (or present) self and the parallel self, will give an immediate indication of the overall energetic state.

Deep patterns in a person's life, and deep belief structures, appear to be coded in particular signets of the 12 point grid. These deep patterns, which may include residues from other life-times and ancestral paths, may not be removed fully by work at the more familiar levels of meridians and chakras. A tentative list of psychological and spiritual qualities associated with each signet is shown under the diagram.

It is possible to muscle to locate in which signet the 'errant coding' is located.

These deep patterns can be removed, once permission is given by the client, by 'commanding from the high dimensions'. The practitioner must find his or her route to this – but a focus on the Blue Diamond as an access point to the higher dimensions, seems helpful. In removing the errant coding, it is then important to 'command' that this be replaced with the 'true organic code'.

It is also possible to install codings or programmes as resources – such as that for 'a healthy and fulfilling relationship', or 'healthy boundaries', or 'finding fulfilling work'. Again, it is possible to muscle test for which signet these should be installed in.

For any state of uncertainty, or in seeking higher guidance, it is possible to focus on the Blue Diamond (using the Blue Diamond hand position) and enquire within.

What to do:

These instructions are provisional and should be regarded merely as suggestions to explore.

First check the merkabas

Muscle test the following statements (with the words either said aloud or thought silently):

Top merkaba present self spins clockwise

Lower merkaba present self spins counter-clockwise

Top merkaba parallel self spins counter-clockwise

Lower merkaba parallel self spins clockwise

All these should test strong/yes.

An alternative is to test:

Electrical into the top of the head (since the clockwise spin is considered 'electrical' and 'male') – should test strong.

Magnetic into the top of the head should test weak

Magnetic into the lower merkaba (since the counter-clockwise spin is considered 'magnetic' and 'female') – should test strong

Magnetic into the top of the parallel – should test strong

Electrical into the lower parallel – should test strong

These tests incorporate the phenomena addressed in the classic 'palm over head' test.

If any one of the four tests (for top and bottom, in present and parallel self) is not as it should be, try to find out why with further muscle testing. Often the merkabas are compromised by the attachment of an energy parasite or other malign energy constellations. These can be removed by High Dimensional Command.

Sometimes the merkabas have been compromised by trauma, or physical illness, or by participation in (or proximity to) malign energetic rituals or, a person or group whose reversed energy has adversely entrained that of the client.

Drugs of various kinds, including prescription and 'recreational' can also adversely affect the merkabas.

It can also be useful sometimes to check for optimum speed of the merkabas. If electrical is not spinning faster than 'magnetic', then too much energy is being sucked out of the system and not enough is coming in (like a car battery that is being drained faster than the engine can replenish the charge). This can be the case in states of chronic fatigue.

Nothing with work well, energetically or psychologically, if the merkabas are reversed, or if their components are phasing incorrectly.

Once any current cause of the compromised merkabas has been removed, then optimum spins can be restored by High Dimensional Command.

Listen for underlying deep themes, beliefs, and life patterns

It is the deep and recurrent patterns in a person's life that are likely to be coded ('errant coding') in the 12 point grid. These include patterns of unhappiness in relationships and work, or deep beliefs of being unworthy, or very deep feelings of

fear or distrust – or of attachment to trauma or torture. A particular indication of likely errant coding in the grid is when the extent or intensity of a problem does not seem fully accountable for by events in this lifetime. On the other hand, very intense or repeated traumas and other adverse experiences in early childhood, or whilst in the womb, are also likely to be encoded in the grid.

Muscle test:

There is errant coding in this being's 12 point grid, behind this pattern of …..

Be prepared for the answer sometimes to be no.

If yes, then test for which signet it is located. This can be done by quickly (most easily done silently) testing “it is in signet 1 … signet 2 … signet 3 … etc”. Usually, it will be found in just one signet. Most ordinary human issues are encoded in signets 1-5.

Ask if the person would like to be free of the underlying pattern or belief. If yes, then, ask the client to assume the Blue Diamond Position (fingers of one hand just under the collar bones in the centre, and fingers of the other hand on the heart chakra), and use High Dimensional Command to clear the errant coding. Ask that it be removed from the parallel if necessary, and from every relevant grid. Muscle test to check it is gone.

Follow this with conventional tapping or holding with meridians and chakras, according to your usual practice. This is necessary because clearing from the grid does not, in itself, clear the patterns from the more surface levels of the energy body – but these will clear easily once the errant coding in the grid is removed.

Blue Diamond Enquiry

This can be useful at any point when either client or practitioner feels uncertain, confused, or in any way 'lost'. Both practitioner and client can assume the Blue Diamond Position – and the instruction is to direct the request for guidance to the person's highest dimensions, or to the Source of All (however the practitioner or client most comfortably or congruently conceives this). Usually some words or image will occur – often succinctly and relevantly.

Finish with the heliotalic flush

This is optional but often seems to provide a powerful cleansing experience.

Invite the client to hold the Blue Diamond Position and to focus on the blueness. Invite him or her also to be aware of a shimmering sphere of silver energy in the distance above – flickering with pale, soft, rainbow filaments. Give the instruction that as he or she breathes, silver rainbow energy is drawn down – it concentrates as an intense small silver rainbow ball within the Blue Diamond. Then instruct that with a forceful outbreath, the silver rainbow ball within the Blue Diamond is sent down to a point 12 inches beneath the feet – and then it cascades upwards, pervading the client's body and energy field, forming an egg shaped sphere around him or her. Guide the person with the words that the silver rainbow energy is cleansing and healing, safely removing all that is toxic or aberrant, and resetting the client's system to his or her 'true organic living template'. Allow the silver rainbow field to remain as the client brings his or her consciousness back into the room.

Check for remaining issues or discomfort.


The ideas and information presented here are presented as hypotheses. No guarantee of their truth, effectiveness, or safety is given. Whilst offered in good faith and with sincerity, they may be incorrect. Dr Mollon may be mistaken, or even completely deluded! He can accept no liability for any harm resulting from the use of his ideas. Clients suffering any physical or psychological medical condition should consult a licensed health practitioner. 

Blue diamond meditation: Phil Mollon

Blue Diamond Meditation - can be combined with other modalities of energy psychology

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