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Personal Development and

Stress Relief Meditation

Amongst the many complementary practitioners that I meet in the course of my work, one of the most intriguing and remarkable is Gabriella-B. A personal development and stress relief practitioner, she has studied and

researched a wide range of approaches, gradually developing her own methods based on her intensive meditation practice she has engaged for many years.

Spending most of her time in a meditative mode, Gabriella-B has discovered that the stillness and timeless nature of her being, whilst in these states, has a healing effect on others. This is consistent with the research of William Tiller, Emeritus Professor of Materials Science at Stanford University, who has studied the measurable effect on physical spaces and biological processes of meditative states. Such effects transcend space and time. 

Gabriella-B views her work as transcending the common categories of the various energy therapies, seeing it instead as proceeding from a deeper and simpler place beyond space and time – where stress and perturbation simply cannot exist. Since her meditation practice enables this transcendence, she prefers to refer to her work with clients simply as ‘Personal Development and Stress Relief Meditation’. 

Gabriella-B’s work seems often to bring about rapid release of both conscious and unconscious blocks and stress from the mind, body and energy system. She also helps clear internal blocks and stress to success and fulfillment in

career related, academic or other performance. Issues can be a current, past event or a future concern, and the client can choose to speak of the details or keep them private. She does not seek to heal medical conditions per se, but releases the stress associated with them, thereby potentially facilitating recovery. 

Gabriella-B has found that a crucial aspect of her work is identifying internal blocks to healing. These can be psychological (limiting thoughts and beliefs), energetic (negative emotions), or toxins (environmental/nutritional), and many others uniquely explored in her work, and she draws upon her own complex mapping of these realms. The internal blocks require identifying and releasing first. Of course, no healing modality can override a person’s autonomy and freedom of choice.

Gabriella-B has observed that although the meditation process to release the issue itself is extremely rapid, the process of identifying and releasing internal blocks can be complex and requires time.

Gabriella-B has also found that her deep meditation can similarly have a healing effect on animals, buildings, spaces, and land. In addition, she makes art objects to assist with personal development and healing meditation. 

Please note that Gabriella-B is not a psychotherapist or counselor. The observed beneficial effects are a result of her state of consciousness and being, arising from her deep meditation. She finds this can rapidly transmute

blocks, stress and perturbations from multiple levels and dimensions of the client's mind-body-energy system - a process that is often accompanied by new insights and understanding, positive and creative shifts in perspective, and empowered thinking and behaviour. During the sessions, the length of Gabriella-B's healing meditation periods is brief, typically just a few moments. During this time, all that is required of the client is to notice sensations, emotions, perceptions, thoughts etc., and any changes in these.

Over time, in some cases, a by-product of the work can be a deepening of the client's own meditative awareness - an organic process, unfolding naturally at a pace unique to the individual. 

Most of Gabriella-B’s work is done by phone since the physical presence of the client is not required. Those wishing to seek help from Gabriella B are welcome

to contact her with a request at

Potential clients are invited to complete an initial assessment application form via email before

being offered an initial assessment phone consultation to establish whether she is likely to be able to help the person – she is not able to help everyone.

Please note as Gabriella B spends most of her time in deep meditation to empower/facilitate her healing modality, she is only able to offer a very limited number of sessions to those clients whom she feels will benefit the most. A minimum donation per session is requested accordingly.

Unfortunately Gabriella B is sometimes unable to reply to all requests and apologises for this in advance.

(Note for past clients - unless already invited to do so by Gabriella B, previous clients need not re-apply. Gabriella B sincerely apologises for any disappointment and inconvenience this may cause).

Phil Mollon has no commercial interest in the work of Gabriella-B. This page is for information only. 

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