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Notes on the process of psychoanalytic energy psychotherapy

The process is analogous to that in conventional verbal psychoanalytic therapy, except we are working at the energy level in addition to the cognitive and emotional level. In traditional psychoanalytic work we listen, with free-floating attention, allowing ourselves to receive and process the unconscious as well as conscious communications. Gradually we formulate a thought based on what we have received - and share that with the client. This thought (rather grandly called 'an interpretation', or sometimes just an empathic reflection) may be partly based on our inner emotional reactions (our countertransference). Similarly, when working with the energy fields, we are (in addition) being receptive to communications at that level. We use our own energy system to 'read' that of the client - processing the information through our own energy system - and then give it back as an energetic code (e.g. guidance through a tapping sequence).

Very succinctly, the process is as follows. We listen, cognitively, emotionally, and energetically. This may include the use of body signalling ('muscle testing'). We then make some kind of energetic intervention (akin to an interpretation). Following this we then listen and observe again - gathering information about the effect of the intervention. After further 'listening' at these multiple levels, we intervene again - and so on.

[to be continued]

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