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Many clients report finding this exercise useful, so I am making it more widely available.

Energy Visualisation Exercise [EVE]

for rapid and deep release of patterns of distress.

The following exercise combines simple visualisation with gentle stimulation of subtle energy centres on one’s own body, to release emotional pain and distress (and the recurrent patterns of these in the morphic fields of the mind-body system).

  • Gently massage the top of the head, towards the back, whilst repeating “I completely accept myself” and/or “Despite all my problems – all my distress and pain – I completely accept myself”. Think of experiences of distress.

  • At the same time, begin to visualise/imagine a column of pale silver light, pouring directly down your centre, from above the top of your head, straight down into the core of the earth. Try to imagine or sense a swirling vortex of energy at the centre of the earth. This column of light can flush your tensions and distress straight into the core of the earth – and can also allow you to ‘breathe up and down’ fresh clean energy.

  • Think of all your accumulated tensions, stress, and distress draining into the central column of pale silver light, being flushed into the core of the earth. Bring the distress to mind – it will rapidly clear.

  • Continue, whilst rubbing the following points in sequence – at each point thinking of the accumulated stress and distress draining away, and repeating “I completely accept myself”.

  • Behind the top of the ears.

  • Base of skull at the back of neck

  • Upper part of chest on either side (find the areas that are slightly tender)

  • An inch or so in from the hip bones

  • Back of the knees

  • Top of feet, towards the front.

  • Press down or massage the balls of the feet

  • Centre of lower part of chest

  • Centre of forehead.

  • Rest with hands crossed over chest, allowing stress to continue draining.

This exercise is not listed in NICE guidelines and should be considered experimental. Clinical impressions so far suggest it can be very helpful. Phil Mollon PhD. July 2008.

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