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Multilevel clearing of the morphogenetic template.

The various well-known modalities of energy psychology address different levels of the mind-body-energy system, such as meridians, chakras, biofield etc. Psychotherapies address different levels of the psyche, such as conscious and unconscious mind, as well as sometimes dissociated parts of the mind. Perhaps a method that can integrate all these would be more thorough. Preliminary explorations suggest this is the case.

The following procedure seems to work well. I am describing it schematically so that only those with requisite knowledge and skill would understand how to do this. It involves addressing the psyche (conscious and unconscious, as well as 'parts'), the meridians, the chakras, and a more fundamental hypothesised template known as the Kathara grid.

After listening and identifying a crucial pattern of trauma or dysfunctional behaviour, and after checking and correcting reversals and internal objections to clearing this, the issue is addressed by tapping at the meridian level. This is followed at the chakra level. We then move to the Kathara grid - focusing briefly on a series of 12 pale silver energy orbs, with the intention of clearing the pattern from each of these.

After this clearing at the Kathara grid level, which is usually experienced as a very deep shift within the energy system, it is usually necessary to check again at the level of the meridians. Almost always, 'debris' released from the Kathara level has then lodged in the meridian system (but not usually in the chakras). By taking the person tapping through the meridians this is released. Whilst the person is tapping through their meridians, he or she can be asked to speak of any emotions or memories that occur. Typically a variety of important experiences are briefly accessed during this phase.

If the target issue was a trauma, or pattern of traumas, there can be further checks at the level of conscious mind - perhaps using a little EMDR to check whether any futher distress can be accessed. Usually there is none at this final stage.

These are preliminary observations.

Allowing the meridians and chakras to 'speak'

In conventional psychoanalytic psychotherapy, we discover the conflictual emotional information underpinning a presenting problem, by allowing the person to speak free-associatively. The implicit question is 'what comes to mind?'. In energy psychological work, in its simpler forms, we discern (through body signalling) the precise pattern of meridians and chakras that is the energetic underpinning to the presenting problem. The result of addressing this energetic level is often not only the collapse of the problem, but also increased awareness and insight into the emotional conflicts associated with it. We can combine these two processes through the simple action of inviting the person to 'speak of whatever comes to mind' whilst he or she is tapping on a particular point. Of course, this will work most effectively if the correct sequence of points is followed, so that the meridian (or chakra) that is being stimulated will be associated with the emotions and thoughts nearest to consciousness at that moment. As well as generally enhancing the process, and allowing space for the more conventional psychotherapeutic components of speech, another advantage is that the work becomes also more of an exploration - following both the energetic coding and the emerging emotional material free-associatively as continually shifting dynamic structures. In this way, the work becomes truly psychoanalytic as well as energetic.

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